Library News: LexisNexis Academic will be replaced by Nexis Uni interface by the end of 2017

TO:  Faculty
FROM:  Cathy Michael, IC Library
DATE: 1/26/17 emailed; 4/21/17 posted to blog
IN RE:  LexisNexis Academic will be replaced by Nexis Uni interface by the end of 2017 (as per the vendor)
Dear Faculty:
I am forwarding an alert that was sent to subscribers of LexisNexis Academic (information directed to librarians was edited out).

The new product, called Nexis Uni, will replace the current LexisNexis Academic product.  …The new product will be released to students this summer.   Click here: to see more information...

When Nexis Uni is released this summer to students, access will be via IP authentication for campus-wide access.  Students will be encouraged to register for an ID and password to take advantage of the personalization features of the new product.  They can self-register, so no library staff needs to be involved to manage that process.

The current LexisNexis Academic interface will be replaced by the new product by the end of 2017.  LexisNexis plans to migrate students over the summer, and at least before the beginning of the fall semester (August).  The migration is mandatory.  Libraries will be using the current academic product until the migration occurs. The current academic product will be retired at the end of December of this year.

Library News: Beginning August 1, we will no longer have access to the Black Newspapers Database

(Library News: 4/19/17):

Beginning August 1, we will no longer have access to the Black Newspapers Database.

Only the bolded titles will be included in the new ProQuest Central Essentials PLUS Package (via our library’s subscription consortium):

  1. Atlanta Daily World (1989-current)
  2. The Baltimore Afro-American (1989-current)
  3. Chicago Defender (1989-current)
  4. Cleveland Call and Post (1989-current)
  5. Los Angeles Sentinel (1989-current)
  6. New York Amsterdam News (1989-current)
  7. The Norfolk Journal and Guide (1989-current)
  8. The Philadelphia Tribune (1989-current)
  9. Pittsburgh Courier (1989-current)

To be sure:  Baltimore, Cleveland, NY Amsterdam, and Pittsburgh titles are all full-text in Ethnic Newswatch, an alternative subscription database to which we subscribe.

If you need the above titles, we can try accessing them via Interlibrary Loan.

IC Library News: ARGOS interface update expected May 13th

This summer, the Library will be migrating to a more advanced and modern system allowing us to manage our resources much more effectively and provide better service to the Ithaca College community. The migration brings about a few changes in the ways we serve content in Argos, our library search engine.

On May 13, 2017, Argos will be updated with a new look-and-feel. It is the same content, just a different way of searching and displaying our holdings. We currently have the beta version running on our site, if you would like to check it out ( ). Feedback is welcome!

We’ll be creating some help guides so patrons can get comfortable with the new display. Look for these soon!

Another change happening on May 13th, is that access to the legacy catalog search (our search interface before Argos) will no longer be available. Since we are moving to a new system, the current system that powers this search will no longer be available. Due to this, links to items in our catalog will also be affected. If you have linked to any of our current Argos or legacy catalog items directly, the links will cease to function at the end of August. You will need to relink to those items after August 29 when their new URLs become available in Argos. Any items that are saved using the My Shelf feature will not be carried over after August 29. We will provide instructions for exporting your saved items before the end of the semester. My own research guides, which contain numerous links to books, will be affected by this change as well.  I’ll do my best to update them as soon as I can.  Please alert me to any broken links in Fall of 2017.

If you have any questions as to the clarity of this change, please contact me.




IC Library/Sakai Integration

From IC Library Director, Lis Chabot:

As part of an ongoing collaboration between the Library and the Division of Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) in DIIS, we are pleased to announce an initial phase of Library integration with Sakai.

All new Sakai course sites now automatically include a “Research Help” tab, which provides direct access to the following:

  • Argos, the Library’s main search interface
  • The Library’s Course and Subject guides
  • Research 101 guides and quizzes
  • Citation guides
  • Contact information

Having these features available within Sakai will encourage students’ use of these research support tools. Additionally, faculty will now have quick access to library resources as part of their course site. The Division of TLT and the Library will continue to work to expand the scope of the library’s integration into Sakai, with a specific goal of providing content targeted to individual course learning outcomes.