Nexis Uni is accessible again

Nexis Uni, which replaces Lexis Nexis Academic, is currently accessible:

We’ve had reported issues of it not working well with the Safari browser.

Report Access Problems using this form:

Let me know if I can assist with training.


Nexis Uni is currently inaccessible

From IC Library, Karin Wikoff, Februrary 1, 2018:

We are experiencing trouble accessing Nexis Uni. We are working on it together with LexisNexis. In the meantime, the old interface (LexisNexis Academic) is still working (and will be for about another 2 months). I’ll let everyone know when access is restored to the new Nexis Uni interface.

Ithaca College Library – Reciprocal Lending with Cornell University Library.

(from Ben Hogben, Intercom, January 22nd, 2018):

The Ithaca College Library is pleased to announce the establishment of a reciprocal lending program with the Cornell University Library.

Ithaca College students, staff, and faculty are now eligible to apply for a local resident Cornell library card at no charge. This card, which must be renewed annually, allows the holder to borrow circulating materials from any of the Cornell libraries. Borrowed items are subject to these loan periods and permissions.

Applications for the card should be made at the Cornell Library Public Services Office, Olin Library Room 116, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. At that time, Cornell will require Ithaca College patrons to verify their current status by logging into their IC Library Argos Account. Ithaca College patrons must also present a current government-issued picture identification.

Cardholders from the Ithaca College community will communicate directly with the Cornell University Library about any account issues.

Cardholders can create an online Cornell Library account to verify item due dates and renew Cornell materials online. Overdue notices will be sent via email.

For questions not answered above, please contact Bernard Hogben, Access Services Manager.

Welcome Back! Spring 2018

From:     Cathy Michael, Communication and Legal Studies Librarian
Re:          Welcome Back!  Spring 2018

Dear Faculty:

Here are some updates along with some of the usual news:

Book a library instruction session for your class. Instruction sessions can be arranged at any time over the course of the semester; they are most effective after students have research topics. I can demonstrate our databases and search techniques and / or have a research session where I’m available to answer specific research questions. The format is flexible and can include a hands-on assignment.  The duration is also flexible — I’ve visited classes  ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. There are two ways to accomplish this: 1) send me an email with the where and when of the class visit along, or 2) fill out the following form: Request for Library Instruction.

Research Guides for Sakai or your course website
Here is a Complete List of the Guides I’ve created.  Consider adding one to your Sakai page.   Contact me if you would like a Research Guide for your class — this can be for a production class.  This can be done even if you do not have class time for a library instruction session.

Editing Guides:  My existing guides requiring editing since we moved to the new catalog at the end of August; my links to books and journals may not work.  I’m slowly editing them as time allows by prioritizing the with the most hits (according to Google Analytics).  If a guide I made for you needs fixing ASAP let me know.

Given the concern over “fake news”,  take a look at our guide on Evaluating Resources.  You can assign a quiz on this topic to reinforce the lesson to emphasize and develop critical thinking skills.  Evaluating Resources is a part of our Research 101 skills series.

As of today, I’m about 60% spent on funds.  There is still money left for orders.  Our budget deadline for spending is 100% by March. For a list of suggested titles or figures on funds remaining, contact me.

New Title Listhere is a monthly list of  all new book titles (all subject areas) that is always available on the library homepage.  On the Film tab of the library’s homepage is a link to new Films.  I can create lists of videos that may interest a certain class.

The library uses Sakai for E-reserves.   Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager, put together a guide on Course Reserves in Sakai to get you started:  You can do it yourself, or, our Access Services Department is happy to assist you.  If you have any questions, contact me or  Shianne (Reserves Coordinator, 2nd shift), Ben (Access Services Manager) or Scott Fish (Multimedia Reserves).  Note that it takes 24 hours for materials placed on Reserves to appear in ARGOS.

Handy links:
Reserves   Use this page to place all types of media on Reserves (audio,  journal articles and book chapters, book or score, and video clips).
Multimedia Request   If you would like to show a library video on a particular date, use this form to book a film for class.


  • Historical Newspapers:  we’ve added the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and the Washington Post to our digital access; we always had the NYT and the WSJ.

  • LexisNexis Academic is now Nexis Uni.  The link to LexisNexis Academic will disappear soon.  There are print guides, video guides, and the ability to sign up for online training on the Nexis Uni support page.  See me for questions or training.

Need help? Here are some common Q&As that may assist you. Always feel free to contact me with questions:    I’m in the second cubicle to the right as you enter the library.  My phone number is: 4-1293.  Stop by if you’re in the library.

To check hours online, view this page.

Library News: Report of Acquisitions, Database update, & Happy Holidays!

Here is a list of titles received from 6/1/17 to present.

CLICK HERE FOR THE REPORT OF ACQUISITIONS   (Google Drive — let me know if you have trouble viewing it)

These are titles that have been ordered on the following funds: communication studies, video funds, journalism, legal studies, IMC, CMD, & TVR.   There is a separate tab for e-book purchases.    Please be sure to check the catalog for location and status.  New Books might be on the new books shelf as you enter the library, in the stacks, checked out, or at the binders.

Thank you for your order recommendations.  You can order a book or video purchase by emailing me. If you’d like a list of potential titles for purchase on a particular subject, let me know.  Funds are currently about 50% spent.   They must be 100% spent by mid-March.

New book titles (in general) can always be browsed on the BOOKS tab of the  library’s homepage; you can also browse new films under the FILM tab.

Thank you, too, for inviting me to your classes & referring students to me.  Here are all my Research Guides.  If you would like me to create one on a special topic or for your class, contact me.  It is never too early to schedule a class!

Database news:

  • Historical Newspapers:  we’ve added the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and the Washington Post to our digital access; we always had the NYT and the WSJ.

  • LexisNexis Academic is now Nexis Uni.  The link to LexisNexis Academic will disappear soon.  There are print guides, video guides, and the ability to sign up for online training on the Nexis Uni support page.  See me for questions or training.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday!    To see our hours over break, click here for our calendar: — you can scroll forward to January.  I plan to be out-of-the office from Saturday, December 23rd through Wednesday, January, 3rd.