Register to Vote at the Alternatives Library #twithaca

From Ryan Clover-Owens, Director, Durland Alternatives Library:

Here are some of the upcoming deadlines to participate in tomorrow’s primary, and November’s mid-term elections.

In New York State, the registration deadline is October 12th to participate in November’s elections.

Tomorrow is the primary election:

Here is a map from the Board of Elections with voting locations at Cornell University, as well as around Ithaca. Locations include Alice Cook House, Belle Sherman School, and Lutheran Church on Oak Ave, all in the C-town and campus area.

View : Map of TC Voting Locations

The Board of Elections website is

We have a display at the library – and after tomorrow’s (Thursday’s) primary election we will continue making registration forms available at the library until the deadline on October 12th. We are happy to provide stamps as well for your registration form.


To Faculty; from IC Library Access Services; IN RE: Reserves in Leganto

Dear Ithaca College Faculty,
Library staff is currently accepting reserve requests for fall 2018. Beginning with the fall semester, the library will be posting articles in Leganto. Leganto is an interactive reading list tool, accessed through Sakai, for instructors to post content for students. Please see for more information on how to activate Leganto for your course. Please let Library staff know if you prefer to have articles posted in Sakai for the fall semester. Please note that all print materials and e-reserve articles will be posted in Leganto beginning Spring 2019.
Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. You will receive an email notification upon completion of your request. Submitting reserve requests in advance gives us the opportunity to email you with any questions.
The fall semester begins Wednesday, August 29th.
Submit reserve requests online at The Ithaca College Library course reserve policy can be found at
For multimedia reserves and questions about posting digital audio or video in Sakai, please contact Scott Fish, Multimedia Coordinator/Reserves & Digitization, at
For general reserves questions or for (non-multimedia) digital reserves and Leganto questions, please contact Shianne Beer, 2nd Shift Circulation/Reserves Coordinator, at
For questions regarding copyright permission, please contact Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager, at
Happy fall, and have a great semester!
Ben Hogben, Yue Hao, Shianne Beer, and Scott Fish

Library Tours: Walk through the service points of the library with us

Find your way around the Ithaca College Library

When:  Two tours: 4 pm Tuesday, August 28th OR 3 pm Friday, August 31st
Meet:  Gannett Center, 2nd floor:  Convene at the Research Help Desk as you enter the Library

Located on the 2nd to the 5th floors of the Gannett Center, the Library is a popular place for quiet study and group work.  Borrow a laptop, books, music scores, journals, DVDs, CDs, board games, Blu-ray & CD drives and more. Take a break or pick up a Grab & Go lunch or snack at the café.  We’ll answer all your questions about the Library.

Can’t make it?  Geek out with our LibQuest online scavenger hunt:  Bring your mobile device to library and learn by doing. You can also stop by the Research Help Desk and Ask a Librarian

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Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Cathy H Michael at or (607) 274-1293. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.

LibQuest: a web app for exploring the IC Library that can be assigned to students

LibQuest: Developed by Abby Juda and Kelly Hallisy,  LibQuest is an interactive web app for exploring the IC Library.  It is an alternative to library tours and scavenger hunts.  Students should bring their cell phones / mobile devices into the library to complete the LibQuest Q&As.

LibQuest Flyer (1)   Try it:

Welcome Back! Fall 2018

From:     Cathy Michael, Communication and Legal Studies Librarian
Re:          Welcome Back!  Fall 2018

Dear Faculty:   Here are some updates along with some of the usual news:

My Office: has moved.  I now have a window seat behind the Research Help Desk — feel free to walk back and drop in if you’re in the library!

Research Guides for Sakai or your course website Starting Friday, August 17th our research guides are moving from SubjectsPlust to a LibGuide platform; librarians have been re-creating our guides over the summer.  Guides I’ve not updated yet will not be accessible.  If you are referring to a library guide in Sakai and want to be sure the link works, let me know.  

Library Website Changes: The main page search engine is no longer called ARGOS but is called Library Search.  If you search from the front page, when you click on the search button you can choose the scope:  Everything (catalog + databases); Library (our library catalog);  Databases (most of our library’s databases minus the catalog); Reserves (items on Reserve). The Citation Help has been included in a broader Help page at the upper right of the screen. The library’s web team sent out this flyer describing changes.

LegantoAn Announcement has been posted to Intercom about Leganto. “Ex Libris Leganto is an online tool that enables the instructor to easily create, maintain, evaluate and share course resource lists.” I’ve not worked with it but will have a training session in the future.

Reference Desk Hours.  Reference has been experimenting with new staffing models resulting in a reduction to our evening shift coverage and  a change virtual reference shifts on Saturdays. Librarians will only staff until 6 pm and student assistants from 6 to 9 pm.  To be sure we connect, our profile pages have an “Email Me” and a “Meet” option.  Email is just that; the “Meet” option opens up a scheduling formKnow that I can meet with anyone virtually via Zoom.

ICSM Faculty:  Abby Juda is centralizing our ICSM class visits; if you are teaching an ICSM please use this form to book a session; it can be anytime during the semester.  We have made small modifications to the program and plan to move to pre-test / post-test format for assessment.

LibQuest: Developed by Abby Juda and Kelly Hallisy,  LibQuest is an interactive web app for Exploring the IC Library.  It is an alternative to library tours and scavenger hunts.  Students should bring their cell phones / mobile devices into the library to complete the LibQuest Q&As.  See the flyer.   Take a look:

Other Library Instruction: Book a library instruction session for your class. Instruction sessions can be arranged at any time over the course of the semester; they are most effective after students have research topics. I can demonstrate our databases and search techniques and / or have a research session where I’m available to answer specific research questions. The format is flexible and can include a hands-on assignment.  The duration is also flexible — I’ve visited classes  ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. There are two ways to accomplish this: 1) send me an email with the where and when of the class visit along, or 2) fill out the following form: Request for Library Instruction.


  • LexisNexis Academic is now Nexis Uni.
  • Simmons Insights will eventually replace Simmons OneView. Corporate clients are already using it, but the older data that universities purchase has not been ingested into it yet. The latest update available to our representative is that academic clients will migrate to the new platform before the end of the calendar year, preferably before the end of this Summer/Fall semesters begin.

Our budget dates for spending are:

  • 25% by Sept 1
  • 50% by Nov 1
  • 75% by Feb 1
  • 100% by March 15th

For a list of suggested titles or figures on funds remaining, contact me.

New Title List: here is a monthly list of  all new book titles (all subject areas) that is always available on the library homepage.  If you like to browse new books by subject try this list.  On the Film tab of the library’s homepage is a link to new Films.

Handy links:
Reserves   Use this page to place all types of media on Reserves (audio,  journal articles and book chapters, book or score, and video clips).
Multimedia Request   If you would like to show a library video on a particular date, use this form to book a film for class.

Need help? Here are some common Q&As that may assist you. Always feel free to contact me with questions:    I’m in the second cubicle to the right as you enter the library.  My phone number is: 4-1293.  Stop by if you’re in the library.

To check hours online, view this page.