About the Photo: “RCA Vidicon television camera in Ithaca College Television Studio with Roy Colle & Warren Hickman, taken March 14, 1958.” From the C. Hadley Smith Photograph Collection, Ithaca College.


News is in the news. Here is a place for me to post most of the important stuff; it is a reference place to help navigate the oceanic information that merges and converges each minute of each hour of each day.

Law is all pervasive. I’ll try and keep you alert of issues from media consolidation, network neutrality, copyright and intellectual property, social justice, landmark case law, free speech issues, civil liberties, and so on. It is a herculean task to keep pulse of how the law is continuously being carved and defined, argued, and ultimately is applied in our courts.

This is also a utilitarian place that will archive library news, reports, and acquisitions information.

Hope it helps keep you posted of “What’s new at the library?” and in the media.

Yours truly,

Cathy Michael, Ithaca, New York


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