PCIM presents Egyptian singer/activist Ramy Essam Tuesday, February 19 at 3:30pm in Textor 103.

The Park Center for Independent Media presents

Ramy Essam is an activist and singer, who rose to prominence as a “Voice of the Revolution” in Egypt in 2011. He is visiting Ithaca with The Clarke Initiative for Law & Development in the Middle East & North Africa and PCIM will host him on Tuesday February 19 at 3:30pm in Textor 103.

Ramy will perform and speak with students about his life, about current events in Egypt, and answer any questions from students. His sessions will be a mix of lecture, interview, live music and a Q&A.

More about Ramy:

Egypt’s rock musician Ramy Essam exploded into international fame and has often been referred to as the real voice of the Egyptian revolution in 2011. During the height of the uprising, he performed in front of millions of people in Tahrir Square, and his music became the soundtrack of a whole generation of his countrymen and women struggling for a better life and a more just society.

Ramy Essam is considered to be one of the loudest voices for the young generation in Egypt and its struggle for a progressive and modern society. He has become an international symbol of social activism and a beacon of uncommon bravery in the Middle East.

His song Irhal (voted #3 song that changed history/Time Out London) in which he demands the resignation of then-ruler Hosni Mubarak, is referred to as the real anthem of the revolution.

But fame came with a heavy price. Ramy experienced brutal torture and arrests that were meant to silence his voice. His songs were banned and he was forbidden to perform publicly. He resolved to come out even stronger against oppression, saying “In the revolution I was born again. The struggle became the purpose of my life.”

Today Ramy lives in Sweden in exile where he continues to speak out as an ambassador of the Egyptian revolution with songs about gender equality, freedom, social justice, equity, health care, minority rights, education and peace.

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodation should contact Brandy Hawley at bhawley@ithaca.edu or 607-274-3590 as soon as possible.


Welcome Back! Spring 2019

From:     Cathy Michael, Communication and Legal Studies Librarian
Re:          Welcome Back!  Spring 2019

Dear Faculty:

Here are some updates along with some of the usual news.  If you rather watch a short video, I just posted one to YouTube.  It outlines changes to our Library Search as well as information about Leganto.

The library moved to a new Reserve system called Leganto.  It works between the library’s catalog and Sakai.  First, you must activate Leganto for your course in Sakai:

1.   If you scroll down on this page, there are instruction on how to set it up: https://libguides.ithaca.edu/c.php?g=843810&p=6030780
2.   Here is the page on How to Request items in reserve: https://libguides.ithaca.edu/c.php?g=843810&p=6444161

Video Instruction: Visually oriented? Watch this: https://vimeo.com/310797378 

You can access the Leganto Guide by going to the Guides tab of the library’s website and searching Leganto.  It includes step-by-step instructions with screen captures. Check the Leganto guide and if you still have questions Ben Hogben is willing to meet with faculty in your offices if he is free, contact him: bhogben@ithaca.edu

Our library’s homepage search no longer has drop-down scopes. After you run a search use the right menu (“Tweak my results”) to refine it.  If you want to find books and videos held by the library, click “Library Catalog” in the right menu under Availability:


The Search boxes on the Books, Music, Film, and Reserves pages still auto-filter results as appropriate.

There is no longer an FAQ link in the site footer.  Go to the help page in the upper right of the website and use the Find Answers search box.

Book a library instruction session for your class. Instruction sessions can be arranged at any time over the course of the semester; they are most effective after students have research topics. I can demonstrate our databases and search techniques and / or have a research session where I’m available to answer specific research questions. The format is flexible and can include a hands-on assignment.  The duration is also flexible — I’ve visited classes  ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. Just email me or you can fill out this form.

Here is a Complete List of the Guides I’ve created.  Consider adding one to your Sakai page.  Contact me if you would like a Research Guide for your class — this can be for a production class.  This can be done even if you do not have class time for a library instruction session.  I’m still slowly moving over the guides from our old to our new platform.

HELP!  Need help? Here are some common Q&As that may assist you. Always feel free to contact me with questions: cmichael@ithaca.edu    I’m in the second cubicle to the right as you enter the library.  My phone number is: 4-1293.  Stop by if you’re in the library.

To check hours online, view this page.

Updated: Cathy’s general schedule for Spring 2019, a commuter’s plan

We hashed out our desk shifts yesterday and I updated my profile with them: https://libguides.ithaca.edu/prf.php?account_id=93445

Desk Shifts:
Tuesday: 1-3 pm
Wednesday: 1-2 pm
Thursday: 4-6 pm
Friday:12-1 pm
If I’m visiting a class, the shifts may change.  It is always good to email me for an appointment: cmichael@ithaca.edu

TCAT just issued their new schedules for  Winter & Spring 2019, too.

Arriving: I take the 6:30 am bus from Main Street in my village that connects to the 7:08 from Green Street, Ithaca and arrive in the Library M,Tu,Wed, & Fridays by 7:30 am.  Departing: On M-W-F I’ll leave about 3:15 pm to catch the 3:52 pm bus home (I tend to walk down to Seneca Street for exercise but sometimes catch a lift).

On Tuesday I plan to work from 7:30 am to 4  or 4:30 pm.  I carpool home & my departure is flexible.

On Thursday my plan is to take the 8:20 am bus that arrives on Green Street by 8:43 am. From there I can take a 9:08 bus to the College, arriving at 9:20 am.  Or, if the weather is good, I’ll just walk up the hill — that takes me about 30 minutes so I’d arrive by foot about 9:15 am.  So, approximately 9:30 am to 6 pm but sometimes earlier. I carpool home.

In a nutshell:
MWF  7:30 to 3:15 pm
Tuesday: 7:30- 4 or 4:30 pm
Thursday 9:15 or 9:30-6 pm (may arrive sooner)

If I’m visiting a class or attending an event before or after the above, I’ll come in early or leave later.

I’ll be working a virtual reference shift on April 6th and April 13th from 2-6 pm.  This means I’ll not be in the library but will be able to answer any questions using our Chat or email services.  I’ll also be on the Research Help Desk on Sunday, April 14th from 2-6 pm.  I’ll post a reminder as the day nears.

Each semester I recalculate my week based on my desk shift and the bus schedule.  Taking the bus makes sense as there is a stop near my home.  It adds to my day but is part of my commitment to sustainability.   I can always adjust my schedule for events and meetings.  If I stay late on a M-W-F I can drive in.  If I stay late on Tuesday-Thursday my carpool is typically willing to wait for me!


The Campus Center, Fitness Center and Gannett Center [including the Library] will be closed from 6am-12pm on Thursday, Jan. 10 as the college conducts a shelter-in-place drill. Signage about the closures will be placed at each building entrance