Park: End-of-the-semester screenings #twithaca

The Roy H. Park School of Communications will host a variety of end-of-the-semester screenings, exhibitions, and presentations to showcase student work. All events are free and open to the public.

  • Friday May 5th, 5PM, Cinemapolis    Documentary Journalism Workshop
  • Friday May 5th, 8PM, Park Auditorium    Motion Graphics and Animation (TVR)
  • Saturday May 6th, 6PM, Park Auditorium    Senior Media Thesis (TVR)
  • Sunday May 7th, 11AM, Park Auditorium    Nonfiction Production (TVR)
  • Sunday May 7th, 1:30PM, Park Auditorium    Cinema Production 1   sections 03, 04, and 05
  • Sunday May 7th, 4PM, Park Auditorium   Cinema Thesis Screening
  • Monday May 8th, 2:15PM, Park Auditorium   Editing (TVR)
  • Monday May 8th, 7PM, Cinemapolis    ACP: Nonfiction
  • Monday May 8th, 9:30PM, Park Auditorium    Cinema Production 2   sections 01 and 02
  • Tuesday May 9th, 4:30PM, Park Auditorium    Intro to Animation and ACP Animation
  • Tuesday May 9th, 7:30PM, Park Auditorium   Cinema Production 1  sections 01, 02, and 06
  • Thursday May 11th, 6PM, Park 168   Fiction Field Production 1 (TVR)
  • Thursday May 11th, 7:30PM, Park Auditorium    Advanced Cinematography Screening

Park School: End of Semester Screenings and Presentations

I’ll try and attend the events in red!

Thursday, Dec. 10
Senior Photography Show
LUNCHEON SPECIAL: A Photography Exhibition
6:00 pm – 113 N. Aurora Street

Documentary Workshop Screening and Judging
7:30 pm – Park Auditorium

Friday, Dec. 11
Cinema & Media Thesis
Opening Night Reception, 6:00 pm – Park School Lobby
Installations: 5:00-7:00 pm & 10:30 pm-12:00 am – Park 138, 140, 144
Screenings: 7:00-10:30 pm – Park Auditorium

Saturday, Dec. 12
Fiction Field 2 Screening
12:00 pm – Park Auditorium

Cinema & Media Thesis
Installations: 5:00-7:00 pm & 10:30 pm-12:00 am – Park 138, 140, 144
Screenings: 7:00-10:30 pm – Park Auditorium

Sunday, Dec. 13
Nonfiction Screening
1:00 pm – Park Auditorium

ACP: Fiction Screening
4:00 pm – Park Auditorium

Monday, Dec. 14
Design Inquiry Presentations
STCM 45000 – Critical Issues in Organizations
7:30 pm – CNS 112

Tuesday, Dec. 15
ACP: Animation Screening
1:30pm – Park Auditorium

Wednesday, Dec. 16
Cinema Production 1 (Screening 1 of 2)
1:30pm – Park Auditorium

Cinema Production 2 Screening
7:00pm – Park Auditorium

Thursday, Dec. 17
Cinema Production 1 (Screening 2 of 2)
4:30 pm – Park Auditorium

Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) Brings Screenings, Speakers, Concerts to Ithaca College Campus and Community

From the lede of IC Media Relations:

ITHACA, NY — The 18th annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) will bring a weeklong series of film screenings, concerts, lectures, exhibitions and workshops to Ithaca April 6–12. Focused on the theme of “Habitats,” the events will take place on the Ithaca College campus and downtown at Cinemapolis, 120 E. Green St.

More information on the theme “Habitats” — which explores the beliefs, dynamics and expressions of environments, terrains, ecological systems and territories — can be found at

Come and enjoy the festival!!  Check out the day-to-day events: