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Harvard Berkman: Lunch with Olivier Sylvain on Network Equality

From BerkmanCenter/YouTube: “Streamed live on Jul 14, 2015
One of the few clear priorities of the federal Communications Act is to ensure that all Americans have reasonably comparable access to the Internet without respect to whom or where they are. Yet, in spite of this, the main focus of policymakers and legal scholars in Internet policy today has been on promoting innovation, a concept that Congress barely invokes in the statute.”

In the Matter of Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet: FCC 15-24 (document)

Here is the document on the Open Internet:

Read “The FCC’s 305 (Not So Dirty) Words” about it here:

Harvard/ Media Cloud: The Role of the Networked Public Sphere in the U.S. Net Neutrality Policy Debate

From Amar Ashar:

Good Morning,The Media Cloud team is pleased to announce the publication of a new paper, Score Another One for the Internet? The Role of the Networked Public Sphere in the U.S. Net Neutrality Policy Debate:

In this paper we study the public debate over net neutrality in the United States from January through November 2014.  We compiled, mapped, and analyzed over 16,000 stories published on net neutrality, augmented by data from Twitter,, and Google Trends. Using a mixed-methods approach that combines link analysis with qualitative content analysis, we describe the evolution of the debate over time and assess the role, reach, and influence of different media sources and advocacy groups in setting the agenda, framing the debate, and mobilizing collective action. We conclude that a diverse set of actors working in conjunction through the networked public sphere played a central, arguably decisive, role in turning around the Federal Communications Commission policy on net neutrality.

Download the paper on the Berkman Center’s website:

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