Ithaca Library: a new look for Argos

Argos is going through some changes. The Ithaca College Library will be making the new Argos interface available in beta during the Spring 2017 semester. We will switch to the new interface entirely during the summer of 2017.

“Beta” means that while the interface should function well, there may be periods of down time and there may be unexpected changes to the interface as we implement new features and fix bugs.

Take a look:

& Submit Feedback:

Sept 9th: Library website is still down — try these links

I’ll be greeting two classes this afternoon for a research workshop.  We’ll be working from these alternate sites until the library’s webpage is restored:

Alternate portal:

Beta Search (books, DVDs and articles):







You can still access our resources yet not through our website.  Our Research Guides are also currently not available. Thanks for your patience  — we’ll keep you posted.