Cathy: out of the office August 3rd to 5th

I’m out-of-the-office Monday to Wednesday, August 3rd to 5th.  Happy B-day mom & Chris.
If you need immediate assistance while I am away, please contact the IC Reference desk:  
Enjoy your summer!

Threatening legacy, Senator Jay Rockefeller stands alone holding back historic FOIA reform in the USA

What is his reasoning? Perplexing….

E Pluribus Unum


Multiple sources have confirmed that retiring U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) has put a hold on the FOIA Improvement Act, the bill that would enact historic reforms to the Freedom of Information Act, core open government law in the United States of America that gives every citizen the right to information about their government. While the senator may wish to tout his legacy of service online, if he does not release his hold by Monday, the bill will be dead, and the responsibility for that failure will lie squarely his shoulders.

Without naming Senator Rockefeller specifically, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement into the Congressional Record last night:

The Freedom of Information Act is one of our Nation’s most important laws. James Madison said the people “must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.” For nearly 50 years, FOIA has…

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MemeTV wants to bring meme-worthy TV clips to Tumblr and Reddit

MemeTV wants to bring meme-worthy TV clips to Tumblr and Reddit

app can create memes as shareable videos from broadcast tv


Imagine you watch something funny on TV. You grab your remote control, press a button, and seconds later, that scene arrives in an app on your phone. You edit it down to the key ten seconds, add a clever caption, turn it into an animated gif — and voila: instant meme, ready to be shared on Tumblr, Reddit or Twitter.

Social TV startup MemeTV took a first step toward making every Redditor’s dream TV feature happen by releasing its MemeTV iPhone app that allows users to generate short clips from anything they’re watching on broadcast TV.

The app is capable of identifying any program that’s running on some 420 TV networks across the U.S. Once the app knows what a user is watching, it queues up the last two minutes of what just aired, ready to be edited down to a shareable ten-second clip. Alternatively, users can simply select what…

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