Library: Acquisitions and News, May 2016

Hope everyone has a great semester.  Stop by to say hello if you’re in the library. — Cathy

Attached is a list of titles ordered and received from 6/1/12 to present.

NEW ACQUISITIONS FY 12-13 FINAL (click to open in Google Docs)

These are titles that have been ordered on the following funds: culture & communication, video funds, journalism, legal studies, IMC, CMD & TVR.  Some funds are posted as ebooks if an ebook is selected.

Please be sure to check the catalog for location and status (to see if it is not checked out).  New Books might be on the new books shelf as you enter the library, in the stacks, checked out, or at the binders.

New book titles (in general) can be browsed on the CATALOG tab of the  library’s homepage; you can also browse new films under the FILM tab.   

I’ve been collecting films on the Oscar Shortlist.

Recommend a book or video purchase by emailing me.    I can create a list of titles on a particular subject for you.   Remember that our collection development policy stipulates that we do not purchase core texts assigned for classes.  Also, many more books are available in digital format; let me know if you prefer an e-book format. If you’ve published a book or chapter I would be interested in purchasing it for our collection.  Funds will be available the week of June 1st

Serials added:

  • Journal of Education Advancement and Marketing (ISSN 2397-0626).  This new journal will be available in print only beginning in January 2017.
  • Journal of Educational Technology Systems (SAGE).  The subscription is changing from print and online to online only beginning in January 2017.

Serials cancelled:

  • International Journal of Strategic Communication (1553-118x).  This online journal was cancelled as the price rose 49.12% from last year; usage statistics were zero.  It is indexed in Communication Source.

Note:  Subscriptions can be purchased by:  dropping other subscriptions of like format (drop an online journal to pick up an online journal; drop a print journal to pick up a print journal).


  • Argos. The library web team decided to call our Discovery tool Argos (but the Argos name does not display on the homepage).  This is the search box in the center of the library’s homepage that searches across most of our library’s databases (not EBSCO) and the catalog.  It will look different  — more user friendly — as it is updated over the summer.  This past summer, I would show 2 searches:  Argos and EBSCO research library.   If you need clarification on what to search and when, contact me.  Also note: the library changed its server this past semester from to   At some point the will disappear.
  • Alternative Press Index & Alternative Press Watch.   A switch from API to APW is being considered.  API is on an EBSCO platform and indexes a long list of alternative media titles — but it is only an index and cannot be found in Argos.  I made suggestions for additions to APW; if some of the suggestions are added, it may be worth switching.   The library is considering moving some indexes (see the cancels and new, below) from EBSCO to ProQuest so they may be better discovered in Argos.  Please let me know your thoughts on this possible switch.
  • CQ Weekly, an old magazine covering Congress, is changing its name to CQ Magazine.  It is good for policy research.
  • Cancelled for FY 2016-17:   Art Full Text, International Bibliography of Theatre, and Music Index Online
  • New for FY 2016-17:  ART Bibliographies Modern, Design and Applied Arts Index, International Bibliography of Art, Arts and Humanities Full Text, American Film Institute Catalog, FIAF Plus, Film Index International, International Index to Performing Arts.

If you’re teaching an Ithaca Seminar, I would like the opportunity to present library basic skills to the first year students based on an online library research guide you can link to in Sakai.

Thanks for referring students to me for Research Consultations and inviting me to your classes.   I’m always open to visiting classes this Summer or Fall.  Let me know if you’d like a library research guide designed for your class or event.

I’ll be on vacation the week of May 23rd to May 27th.  I’ll be at the American Library Association conference from June 23rd to  June 27th (vacation days around the conference to visit family: June 22nd, June 28th to July 1st).  Other than that, I’ll be in the library.  You can check to see when the library is open in the summer by using our calendar.   If you need help while I’m away, try our Ask a Librarian page.

Enjoy your Summer!