Library News: Our new website, new search tool, and Spring Semester support

Happy New Year!

Our New Website

Take a look at the library’s website:

Our New Search Box

The beta trial from last fall is now complete; the key search for the library appears at the center of the page.   Click the Advanced Search above the  search box for more search control (such as limiting to the title field).  It is important that you sign in to our new search tool in order to access the content; you may even be asked to sign into our proxy server to access articles in our databases.   You can ask me for assistance our use this Help Guide:   For books, some functionality requires you to link out from the main search into the old catalog (someone inquired about rush, for instance).

The “discovery tool” product is called Primo (behind-the-scenes) and is by the company Ex Libris.

Specific Database Searches

The content of the main search includes: the catalogue (print books, library DVDs),  articles (scholarly, newspaper, and trade), and dissertations.  It does not include everything the library subscribes to; you will not be searching Simmons, SRDS, Statista and even much of the content in our EBSCO databases such Communication Source.  While it is a strong and broad search engine, you may need to go to the Database tab and select specific database for more specialized information needs.   To accommodate EBSCO searching (including Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, and Communication Source), you can find  “EBSCO Research Library” on our databases list: ; it is set up to search across all indexes we subscribe to on the EBSCO platform.  It does not limit to scholarly articles in advance.

Fund Expenditures

Our goal is to be 75% spent by February and 100% spent by mid-March.   Overall, my funds are 70% spent at this juncture.  If you have recommendations please email them to me.  Browse new titles by subject under the Books tab:  ; browse new films under the Film tab:

Class Visits, Research Guides, Video Tutorials and Research Consultations

I’m booking classes for the Spring Semester.  Let me know if you’d like me to visit you class, create an instructional video, create a research guide, or have one-on-one consults with students working individually or in groups.  I love when you refer students to me for research consultations, too.


Don’t forget to put your items on Course Reserves:

I look forward too seeing everyone soon!