These DVDs need your love: Check them out!

The following DVDs have not circulated recently and are in danger of being withdrawn.  Consider using them to support your classes.  You can click on the title then click “full view” in the the right menu to read the summary.

Title Call Number CREATE_DATE
Deepening the theme [videorecording] / with Linda Seger. 1294 20-Jul-09
Media That Matters Film Festival [videorecording] 6 / 2036
Buying the war [videorecording] / writers, Bill Moyers, Kathleen Hughes ; producer/director, Kathleen Hughes ; a production of Public Affairs Television, Inc. ; a presentation of Thirteen/WNET New York. 3064 25-Aug-09
Secrets of the dead. [videorecording] Executed in error. 3305 07-Sep-10
First Amendment project [videorecording] / Sundance Channel & Court TV present. 4568 27-Mar-08
Longford [videorecording] / HBO Films presents in association with Channel 4 ; a Granada Television Limited production ; producer, Helen Flint ; written by Peter Morgan ; directed by Tom Hooper. 4632 04-Apr-08
Taylor’s campaign [videorecording] / Raindog Films production ; directed by Richard Cohen ; produced by Amy Ziering Kofman, Richard Cohen. 4814 30-Jul-08
How’s your news? [videorecording] / a Grainy Pictures & Sunbrock production ; producers, Doug Stone, Arthur Bradford ; director, Arthur Bradford. 4900 29-Aug-08
Fixer [videorecording] : the taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi / a film by Ian Olds. 5006 30-Oct-09
Alternative media in a time of war [videorecording] / by David Barsamian. 5451 25-Nov-08
Independent media versus the corporate media [videorecording] / a talk by Amy Goodman ; Z Video Productions. 5453 25-Nov-08
What makes alternative media alternative? [videorecording] / by Michael Albert. 5454 25-Nov-08
Diamond empire [videorecording] / Australian Film Finance Corporation Pty. Limited ; BBC ; Film Victoria ; original concept and development, Jan Roberts ; director, Gavin MacFadyen ; [produced by Janine Roberts]. 5486 20-Oct-09
People v. Leo Frank [videorecording] / produced by Laura Longsworth ; written & directed by Ben Loeterman ; produced by Ben Loeterman Productions, Inc. 5689 15-Jun-10
Justice [videorecording] : what’s the right thing to do? / produced by WGBH Boston in association with Harvard University ; producer, Loen Kelley. 6414 30-Oct-09
Goebbels experiment [videorecording] / a film by Lutz Hachmeister & Michael Kloft. 6983 09-Jul-10
George Burns & Gracie Allen show [videorecording] / CBS Television Network. 7085 13-Aug-10
American justice. [videorecording] Why O. J. Simpson won / produced by Kurtis Productions, Ltd. & Towers Productions, Inc. for A & E Network ; executive producers, Bill Kurtis, Jonathan Towers ; writer/producers, Michelle Crane, Ted Schillinger. 7112 18-Aug-10
Gaily, gaily [videorecording]  -NOTE: Region 2 314 15-Jan-10
Burma VJ [videorecording] : reporting from a closed country / Magic Hour Films presents ; in co-production with WG Film and Mediamente ; Kamoli Films ; a film by Anders Østergaard ; script by Anders Østergaard & Jan Krogsgaard ; produced by Lise Lense-M 6951 30-Jun-10
Citizen McCaw [videorecording] / SB Docs LLC presents ; director, Sam Tyler ; producers, Rod Lathim, Charles Minsky, Peter S. Seaman, Sam Tyler. 5466 08-Dec-08
Key of G [videorecording] / a film by Robert Arnold ; director/producer/camera, Robert Arnold ; producer, Lindsay Sablosky. 5272 31-Oct-08
In the name of the Führer [videorecording] / Films Lyda ; a film by Lydia Chagoll. 6036 27-Mar-09
Images & meaning [videorecording] : analysing visual text in newspapers / producer, Alan Woodruff. 4109