IC Library FY 2014-2015 end-of-the-year news — Happy Summer!

Linked here is a list of titles ordered and received from 6/1/13 to present.

NEW ACQUISITIONS FY 14-15 FINAL (open in Google Docs)

These are titles that have been ordered on the following funds: culture & communication, video funds, ebooks, journalism, legal studies, IMC, CMD & TVR. Please be sure to check the catalog for location and status (to see if it is not checked out).  New Books might be on the new books shelf as you enter the library, in the stacks, checked out, or at the binders.


Reference librarians automatically create Research Guides for ICSM classes.  If you would like me to create one to support your class just let me know.  Send along a syllabus and I’ll pull resources from that as well.  Take a look at the Research Guides I’ve already created.

FY 2015-2016 ORDERS

Recommend a book or video purchase by emailing me.   I can create a list of potential titles on a particular subject for you. Remember that our collection development policy stipulates that we do not purchase core texts assigned for classes.  Also, many more books are available in digital format; let me know if you prefer an e-book format. If you’ve published a book or chapter I would be interested in purchasing it for our collection.  Funds will be available the week of June 1st.

New book titles (in general) can be browsed on the BOOKS tab of the  library’s homepage; you can also browse new films 

ICSM Fall 2015

If you’re teaching an Ithaca Seminar in Fall 2015, I would like the opportunity to present library basic skills to the first year students based on an online library research guide you can link to in Sakai.



  • AP Images.  It did not have enough hits to make it cost effective. As an alternative, there are news photos, mainly from UPI in EBSCO’s Image Database
  • NoodleTools Premium.  My colleagues felt that students were using alternative free tools.  Two tools with a learning curve (that are not web based) include:  Zotero (social sciences & humanities) and Mendeley (health sciences).   There are also self-help pdf guides written by librarians on our Citation page: http://ithacalibrary.com/research/  Finally, although they have errors, many of our databases allow students to copy a citation by one of the major styles on the fly.  I’ll meet with ITS to learn about features in MS Word.

The following online only journals have been cancelled based on usage statistics:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Applied Environmental Education & Communication


  • Upgrade Communication and Mass Media Complete (CMMC) to Communication Source.  Communication Source includes both CMMC and Communication Abstracts (formerly published by SAGE).  You can obtain the Contents List at this link: https://www.ebscohost.com/academic/communication-source
  • Add Statistahttp://www.statista.com/  “Statista aggregates the most important statistics and studies from market researchers, organizations, specialist publications, as well as from government sources: the ideal platform to kick-start your research.”
  • Ithacan:  you can now access historical issues of the Ithacan in pdf format through the Collegiate Chronicle Collection.  Yet, to access one story at a time, it is better to use IC Library’s version of the Ithacan.

CATHY: ON VACATION late May;  Moving to T-burg mid-June; AT CONFERENCE late June

I’ll be on vacation the week of May 25th to May 29th.  Mid June I’ll take a few days to move to T-burg.  I’ll be at the American Library Association conference from June 25th to  June 30th.   Other than that, I’ll be in the library.  You can check to see when the library is open in the summer by using our calendar.   If you need help while I’m away, try our Ask a Librarian page.

Enjoy your Summer!