Ithaca College: Notice of print management allowances

From ITS:

In an effort to encourage sustainability, Ithaca College implemented a print management program in the library and all student computer labs. Currently, 20% of paper printed in these locations is immediately discarded or not claimed. This program will reduce paper waste and encourage responsible printing.
Under the new program, all students will be given a complimentary print allowance at the start of each semester, and can use ID Express for printing needs that exceed the allowance. The allowances are:
  • $10 fall semester (Aug. 11, 2014 – Jan. 1, 2015), allowing for approximately 142 double-sided pages
  • $10 spring semester (Jan. 2 – May 17, 2015) allowing for approximately 142 double-sided pages
Unused allowances from the fall will rollover to the spring semester, but all allowances will be reset after the end of the spring semester.
Faculty Tips for Supporting Sustainable Printing on Campus:
  • Consider adding this language to course syllabi regarding student print options: “Ithaca College recently implemented a print management program in the library and student computer labs. Please think carefully before printing and monitor your printing allowances. Visit for more information.”
  • Ask students to submit papers via email, Dropbox and/or Sakai assignments instead of hard copy. Provide feedback and comments on papers that are submitted electronically by using the Comment feature in Word.
  • Post required reading material in Sakai allowing students to decide whether or not to print them. Many students today feel comfortable reading materials online.
  • Distinguish between “course readings” and “readings that students will need to bring to class” on the course syllabus. Submit materials that students “will need to bring to class” (readings, PowerPoint Slides, handouts) to the College Print Shop and provide copies for sale at the Bookstore.
  • When large volume printing is required, consider using the Print Shop.  The Print Shop is more cost effective with black and white printing prices at $.03 double-sided and $.04 single-sided per sheet.
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Learn more about why Ithaca College implemented the print management program and how the program was developed:
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