Published on Amazon by Claire Perez: My Rural Broadband Journey, the one year trail to high-speed

So proud of Claire!

is now a book of 132 pages available on It is based on this blog which was written during 2011 and 2012. Below is the Amazon description.

journey to high-speed journey to high-speed

My Rural Broadband Journey, the one year trail to high-speedis a compilation of a blog series. It chronicles my journey to high-speed Internet in rural America. I decided in May 2011 to discover what stood between our house and broadband service, .6 miles up the road.

We live ten miles from Cornell University and it became important for my work as a communications professional and for our viability as landlords, to be part of Web 2.0 and the high-speed Internet world.

In addition, we wanted all the luxuries afforded our contemporaries: video streaming; e-file; Amazon; YouTube DIY videos; online banking; and Skype.
I began researching and talking to people about my rural broadband problem and reported the…

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