Now is the time to stand up and defend net neutrality

GigaOm speaks out & encourages readership to do the same. I tend to use the FreePress site: Seems to be the Ides of May


We don’t usually venture into politics here at Gigaom. We have a staff of very smart writers who aren’t afraid to state their opinions, but we generally don’t ask our readers to rally for a cause. Today, we are making an exception to that rule because of a grave threat to the very foundation of technology-driven innovation.

The founding principle of Gigaom has always been that broadband is a transformative factor that enables innovation and brings about positive change for industries and societies alike. And while we have expanded our focus over the years to cover emerging technologies in fields like mobile, cloud computing, media, data and science, broadband has always been a key enabler of those technologies.

Without the transformative power of broadband, there would be no Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, no Netflix(s nflx), no iOS(s aapl) and no Android(s goog), no Facebook(s fb), no Bitcoin and no Internet…

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