Reading ideas from an Imagineer

Dr. Salingaros:  12 Lectures on Architecture:
The art instinct : beauty, pleasure, & human evolution / Denis Dutton
Introduction — Landscape and longing — Art and human nature — What is art? — “But they don’t have our concept of art” — Art and natural selection — The uses of fiction — Art and human self-domestication — Intention, forgery, Dada : three aesthetic problems — The contingency of aesthetic values — Greatness in the arts.
On the origin of stories [electronic resource] : evolution, cognition, and fiction / Brian Boyd.
Publisher:Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2009.
Introduction: animal, human, art, story — Book 1: Evolution, art, and fiction — Part 1: Evolution and nature — Evolution and human nature? — Evolution, adaptation, and adapted minds — The evolution of intelligence — The evolution of cooperation — Part 2: Evolution and art — Art as adaptation? — Art as cognitive play — Art and attention — From tradition to innovation — Part 3: Evolution and fiction — Art, narrative, fiction — Understanding and recalling events — Narrative: representing events — Fiction: inventing events — Fiction as adaptation — Book II: From Zeus to Seuss: origins of stories — Part 4: Phylogeny: the Odyssey — Earning attention (1): natural patterns: character and plot — Earning attention (s): open-ended patterns: ironies of structure — The evolution of intelligence (1): in the here and now — The evolution of intelligence (2): beyond the here and now — The evolution of cooperation (1): expanding the circle — The evolution of cooperation (2): punishment — Part 5: Ontogeny: Horton hears a who! — Levels of explanation: universal, local, and individual — Levels of explanation: individuality again — Levels of explanation: particular — Meanings — Conclusion: retrospect and prospects: evolution, literature, criticism.