PCIM to Present “Izzy Award” To Top Indy Media Journalists 

Mark your calendar for Monday night  — this is from the Park News:

Four acclaimed journalists will speak at Ithaca College on Monday, April 28, as they accept national honors. Glenn Greenwald will appear via a pre-taped video, while Jeremy Scahill, John Carlos Frey and Nick Turse will appear in person. 

The Izzy Award and I.F. Stone Hall of Fame ceremony, which is free and open to the public, is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. in Park Hall Auditorium. 

Frey and Turse — who are both reporting fellows at The Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute — are sharing the sixth annual Izzy Award for “outstanding achievement in independent media” in calendar year 2013. Frey’s reporting on U.S./Mexico border deaths and coverage of excessive force by Border Patrol agents sparked official action, including criminal probes and federal investigations. In articles and the best-selling book “Kill Anything That Moves,” Turse has given voice to civilian casualties of U.S. wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Scahill and Greenwald, who are past Izzy Award winners, will speak in connection with their induction into the newly established I.F. Stone Hall of Fame.

Sponsored by the Park Center for Independent Media (PCIM), both the award and the hall of fame are named in memory of legendary journalist I.F. “Izzy” Stone, who published “I.F. Stone’s Weekly” from 1953 to 1971 and exposed official deception while championing civil liberties. There will be a book-signing after the ceremony.

For more information, visit http://www.ithaca.edu/indy