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Going to SXSW this year? We’d love to meet up! The Ad Council will return to Austin this March to present a total of five panels at SXSW Interactive 2014, and would love to see you there. Follow our coverage of SXSW 2014 on Twitter at#ACsxsw.
Tooth Savers Panel

More Than Child’s Play: Apps That Create Change

Friday, March 7th | 5pm – 6pm | Long Center, Kudosky Room
Mobile and tablet devices are critical platforms for communicating social good messages with young children and their parents. But in this decidedly new frontier, what are the rules? Industry experts from PlayScience, Ad Council, Toboggan Studio, and 360Kid will tackle the do’s and don’ts of children’s mobile gaming, provide best practices for co-playing with parents and discuss legal and ethical implications.

Join us for a post-panel happy hour at Zax Restaurant & Bar,sponsored by PlayCollectiveRSVP here.

Mobilizing Communities in Times of Crisis

Mobilizing Communities in Times of Crisis

Saturday, March 8th | 9:30am – 10:30am | Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGH
In the immediate aftermath of a national tragedy or disaster, Americans are increasingly turning to social networks for news and comfort. Come hear from Google, FEMA, the Ad Council and HelpsGood to learn what your organization can do in advance of a disaster to lay the groundwork for an immediate– and appropriate– response.

Must-See Infographics

Communicating with Humor: Perils & Best Practices

Sunday, March 9th | 12:30pm – 1:30pm | Austin Convention Center, Room 12AB
If Winston Churchill had it right – a joke is actually a “very serious thing.” Increasingly, nonprofits are breaking through the tried-and-true PSA fray by startling us with humor. Come hear from comedian Bartunde Thurston, DraftFCB, the agency behind Kmart’s Ship My Pants ad,, the creators of Matt Damon’s Toilet Strike, and the Ad Council about how to make funny have merit outside of the initial guffaw.

Disrupting the Scene: Place-Based & Digital Ads

Disrupting the Scene: Place-Based & Digital Ads

Monday, March 10th | 11am – 12pm | Austin Convention Center, Room 9ABC
What if ads served a purpose, through form AND function? Organizations and agencies can now use physical design elements to demonstrate and produce the results they are advocating. Experts from AdWeek, Chute, Kinetic and the Ad Council will review ads that respond to their environments and viewers, and show how you can use dynamic advertising.

Disrupting the Scene: Place-Based & Digital Ads

Taboo Topics Online: Social Campaigns with Privacy

Monday, March 10th | 5pm – 6pm | Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGH
Mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, sexual health, financial debt—many of the critical topics Americans face are not ones they want to be publicly associated with and tied to online. This panel will present best practices for capitalizing on the anonymity of the Internet without raising privacy concerns, and give an overview of the technologies, platforms, and tactics available to social marketers.