Mara Alper, professor and filmmaker, and women in the film industry

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Elma Yedda Gonzalez

Originally published on the FLEFF Blog. 

When Mara Alper, professor of media arts, sciences and studies at Ithaca College, was about 9 years old, she and her dad built a radio.

“We did it together, and I remember getting all the pieces together and turning it on and it worked,” she said. “Suddenly this little fabrication of objects was a radio. That was an amazing moment for me.”

She remembers this as a turning point in her life, one which, more than introducing her to the magic of mass communication, encouraged her to pursue her passions.

“I always appreciated that for my dad, it didn’t matter that I was a girl, he was still doing this technical stuff with me, and I think that made a big impression on me,” she said.

Image Mara Alper, Ithaca College professor and filmmaker

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