Kansas Legislature Wants To Stop Any Other Kansas Cities From Getting Google Fiber

Good report.


The Kansas state legislature is currently considering a bill that would prohibit municipalities in that state from building out their own municipal broadband networks. Completely coincidentally of course we’re sure, Kansas City is home to the country’s first Google Fiber municipal network.

The bill, called the “municipal communications network and private telecommunications investment safeguards act,” has as its stated goals to:

  • Ensure that video, telecommunications and broadband services are provided through fair competition … in order to provide the widest possible diversity of sources of information, news and entertainment to the general public
  • Encourage the development and widespread use of technological advances in providing video, telecommunications and broadband services at competitive rates
  • Ensure that video, telecommunications and broadband services are each provided within a consistent, comprehensive and nondiscriminatory federal, state and local government framework

To that supposed end of increased competition and innovation in the broadband marketplace, the bill (PDF) specifies:

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