Twitter wants to help media partners find the news faster — and also help itself in the process

Looks at a company called Dataminr


Twitter’s chief operating officer, Ali Rowghani, helped announce an interesting new product partnership today at an event in New York — a partnership between CNN and a company called Dataminr. The latter, which pays for access to the Twitter “firehose” of 500 million tweets a day, sells a tool that helps financial companies mine that information for useful signals. CNN now has access to a breaking-news version of that same tool, a kind of souped-up version of Tweetdeck, and soon other companies will as well, for a fee.

And why would such a deal, in which Twitter is just a third-party supplier, justify the presence of an executive like Rowghani? Because the company wants to promote its brand with media entities and encourage further such partnerships, which presumably would increase demand for the firehose — and also cement its burgeoning reputation as a breaking-news service akin to Reuters or…

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