Welcome Back! Spring 2014

From:     Cathy Michael, Communication and Legal Studies Librarian
Re:          Welcome Back!  Spring 2014

Dear Faculty:

Here are some updates along with some of the usual news:

NEW for Spring 2014:


Book a library instruction session for your class. Instruction sessions can be arranged at any time over the course of the semester; they are most effective after students have research topics. I can demonstrate our databases and search techniques and / or have a research session where I’m available to answer specific research questions. The format is flexible and can include a hands-on assignment.  The duration is also flexible — I’ve visited classes  ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes! There are two ways to accomplish this: 1) send me an email with the where and when of the class visit along, or 2) fill out the following form: Request for Library Instruction.


Instructional Videos
I am able to create short (5 minutes or less) instructional videos that can be embedded in Sakai.   I encourage all faculty to assign students of all levels our Plagiarism tutorial  that can be found on the Writing and Citing tab of the library’s homepage under guides.

Adobe Connect
I can conduct an online training session in Adobe Connect for distance education or classes being taught online; Adobe Connect is available via ITS.  For one-on-one assistance, we can meet in free software called join.me which allows screen capturing.  Although I’ve tried this in a library meeting, I’ve not tried this in class but welcome the opportunity.

Research Guides for Sakai or your course website
Here is a Complete List of the Guides I’ve created.  Consider adding one to your Sakai page.   Contact me if you would like a Research Guide for your class — this can be for a production class.  This can be done even if you do not have class time for a library instruction session.

As of today, I’m between 80-90% spent on funds.  There is still money left for orders.  If there is a big ticket item, I’ll place it on a list for FY14-15.

Our budget dates for spending are:

  • 75% by Feb 1
  • 100% by March

For a list of suggested titles or figures on funds remaining, contact me.

New Title List: here is a monthly list of  all new book titles (all subject areas) that is always available on the library homepage. You can even create a RSS feed to it. I like to look at the topical RSS feeds.    I’ll gather a spreadsheet of titles ordered by fund at the end of each semester or upon request.

On the Film tab of the library’s homepage is a button for new DVDs.  I can create lists of videos that may interest a certain class.  For instance, here is a list of videos for Mass Media History and  Animated Films.   I’m happy to customize a DVD topic list for you.

The library uses Sakai for E-reserves.   Ben Hogben, Access Services Manager, put together a guide on Course Reserves in Sakai to get you started: http://www.ithacalibrary.com/sp/subjects/Sakai  You can do it yourself, or, our Access Services Department is happy to assist you.  If you have any questions, contact me or Ben Hogben.

Handy links:
Reserves   Use this page to place all types of media on Reserves (audio,  journal articles and book chapters, book or score, and video clips).
Multimedia Request   If you would like to show a library video on a particular date, use this form to book a film for class.

In August, ITS announced that VHS will no longer be supported in the classroom as of Fall 2013.  As stated in my prior alert to faculty (of 9/24/12), the Library has posted a a request form on the Film tab of the Library website you can fill out. As funding and availability allow, the Library will replace titles commercially available on DVD. 

SOCIAL MEDIA:  keep connected and informed

I’m posting more news articles to my Twitter  account than to my blog these days.  I’ll use the blogs for news items and reports that I’d like to log for future use.  Otherwise I’ll center the blog more on library news.

IC Library has its own Facebook page.

I’ve a profile in LinkedIn

Use a RSS feed to follow posts to this blog

Need help? Here are some common Q&As that may assist you. Always feel free to contact me with questions: cmichael@ithaca.edu  
I’m in the second cubicle to the right as you enter the library.  My phone number is: 4-1293.  Stop by if you’re in the library.

To check hours online, view this page.