Report of Acquisitions, Database update, & Happy Holiday!

Attached is a list of titles ordered and received from 6/1/13 to present.

CLICK HERE FOR THE REPORT OF ACQUISITIONS   (Google Drive — let me know if you have trouble viewing it)

These are titles that have been ordered on the following funds: culture & communication, video funds, journalism, legal studies, IMC, CMD, & TVR.   There is a new fund for e-book purchases; they are listed separately and can be from any fund.  Items “Received Complete” have been received by the library. Please be sure to check the catalog for location and status.  New Books might be on the new books shelf as you enter the library, in the stacks, checked out, or at the binders.  Items noted as “Approved” have been ordered but not yet received; let me know if you would like me to follow up on a particular title.

Thank you for your recommendations.  You can order a book or video purchase by emailing me. If you’d like a list of potential titles for purchase on a particular subject, let me know.  Funds are currently about 80 to 90% spent!   They must be 100% spent by mid-March.  If there is not enough money to purchase a title this fiscal year, I’ll put it on a list to be ordered in the new fiscal year beginning June 1st, 2014.

New book titles (in general) can be browsed on the BOOKS tab of the  library’s homepage; you can also browse new films under the FILM tab. Try the RSS for Communications, Business or Law. Watch my RSS Feeds for Communication video to learn how to embed alerts in you myHome@ithaca account.  If you use Gmail, try adding these feeds to you Google Reader.

Here are all my Research Guides.  If you would like me to create one on a special topic or for your class, contact me.  Also contact me to schedule a class.

Database news:

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday!    To see our hours over break, click here for our calendar:  — you can scroll forward to January.   I plan to be out-of-the office from Tuesday the 24th through the end-of-the year for a surgery.  After the holiday, the library will be re-open January 2nd; I’ll return that day.

I have tentative plans to attend the American Library Association Midwinter Conference in Philly on January 23rd through the 27th.