Copyright Office website shuts down; patent office and SEC have money for “a few weeks”

Woe to the students writing Gov and Media papers on copyright & IP issues!


Offices, national parks and landmarks across the United States closed Tuesday as a result of the government shutdown, and now it appears some digital places that will have an impact on the tech industry are closed as well. This morning, the website of the U.S. Copyright Office states that is “not available” and adds that security software is monitoring for unauthorized uploads or changes. Here’s a screenshot:

screenshot of shut CR office

While the Copyright Office website is shuttered, the one for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is operating normally, though it carries a message that it will “continue to operate as usual for a period of several weeks.” An earlier report noted the USPTO has enough reserve cash to stay open for a little while.

Timereports that the situation is the same at the Securities and Exchange Commission, where carryover balances will allow the agency to operate as normal “for a…

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