Little Mermaid Second Screen Live makes iPads part of the movie world

Miller reports on the second screen experiment by Disney


Of all the places I’d thought would be forbidden to the second screen experience, movie theaters were near the top of my list. After all, you’re paying a premium ticket price for the opportunity to sit in a dark theater and immerse yourself in a narrative — second screen devices operate in direct opposition to that.

However, when Disney (s DIS) announced special theatrical screenings of its animated classic The Little Mermaid as “second screen sing-a-longs,” I was curious as to what they had in store. A lifelong animation fan, I’ve seen Little Mermaid more than a few times, but Disney had promised that I’d experience the film “like never before.” I decided to see how they planned to liven up a movie I’d memorized by the age of 10.

The Little Mermaid Second Screen Live experience is iPad-only (s AAPL) (sorry, Android (s GOOG) users) — I downloaded the…

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