Pandora gets a win as court rules blanket music license applies through 2015

New Media & the law


Streaming music service Pandora(s p) has prevailed in a court fight with studios that wanted to yank their catalogues from the list of music Pandora is currently allowed to play.

In a ruling handed down in New York this week, a federal judge said an agreement between Pandora and ASCAP, which clears rights for the music industry, remains in force even though major labels like Sony and EMI are trying to withdraw new media rights.

The music labels want to continue to let ASCAP license the music to traditional markets like FM, but want to license their catalogues on an a-la-carte basis to digital music services.

The judge, however, said that a five-year deal that Pandora reached with ASCAP in 2010 still holds, and that Pandora can enjoy the benefits of all the rights it obtained at that time, and that the license can’t be narrowed after the fact.


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