Pew Research Report: How Al Jazeera America tackled its first major story

From Amy Mitchell, Director of Journalism Research, Pew Research Center:

The Crisis over Syria: How Al Jazeera America Tackled its First Major Story

The U.S. threat of military action in the aftermath of Syria’s use of chemical weapons was the first mega-story to break since the August 20 launch of Al Jazeera America, the newest entry into the highly competitive world of cable news. A Pew Research Center report examines a crucial week of Syria coverage to see how this latest spinoff of the Al Jazeera network stacked up against MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and BBC America.

The report evaluated a number of aspects of cable news coverage of Syria including: The framing, or focus, of the stories; the mix of reporting versus opinion; the datelines where coverage originated; key messages that were present in stories; the types of sources used; and the programming format.

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