Library News: LexisNexis enhancements

From Jennifer Matheny, Product Manager, LexisNexis Academic Group:

Dear Colleagues,
I’m happy to announce a few new enhancements to Academic that released into our product this past week.
First, the Delivery to Dropbox enhancement has now been expanded to include document delivery to Google Drive. Users will click on the cloud delivery icon and select either Dropbox or Google Drive on the pop-up screen. For more information, as well as a resource for your users, visit the Delivery to Cloud article on the Academic Knowledge Center:  Also, LexisNexis Academic now includes Google Translate functionality. Users will now see a drop-down box in results list and document view that will allow them to translate their results and documents into over 70 languages. Being as various librarians have requested this enhancement, I hope that you will all find this a useful new piece of Academic. Visit the Knowledge Center article on Google Translate for FAQ:  Please e-mail me personally if you have questions. Have a great week!Regards,-Jennifer Matheny