Library & Campus News: ICAirnet Wireless Unavailable on Thursday, August 8th

For those trying to connect to our wireless today from the ITS Helpdesk:

ICAirnet Wireless Unavailable Thursday August 8, 2013

The ICAirnet wireless network will not be available for the majority of the business day this Thursday August 8, 2013 due to major network changes.

ICAirnet-Secure will also experience a brief outage mid-day.

ICAirnet is the only wireless network affected:

  • Guests can use the Friends 110 lab or the kiosks around campus
  • Faculty and staff can use ICAirnet-Secure most of the day
  • Students can use Apogee’s ResNet or ICAirnet-Secure

Please contact ITS if you have any questions about this outage.

ITS Helpdesk  ; 104 Job Hall  ;  4-1000