Google results will now show 3 in-depth articles – topics include censorship and Legos

Well, in depth is not scholarly per se but I’m listening. Having some Google Scholar results included and sorting by magazine or scholarly is a suggestion. That’s how academic databases are designed.


Google(s goog) users, get ready to discover something new when you search for certain topics — three “in-depth” articles will appear from sources like the New Yorker and National Geographic, reflecting what Google thinks are the most important takeaways on that given subject.

The “in-depth” searches, which were announced by Google in a Tuesday blog post, cover serious topics like capital punishment and lighter ones like Legos and Taylor Swift. Here is an example for what will appear, along with the regular results, when a user searches for feminist “Gloria Steinem:”

Google results screenshot In-depth articles - [gloria steinem]

According to Jake Hubert, a product manager with Google’s search team, the in-depth articles will be drawn from across the web and are intended to provide users with a deeper take on a given subject. (“In-depth articles” will appear on the right side of the page alongside ads and the other search features Google has been adding.)

For now…

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