ALA Chicago Conference: notes from meetings

This year I typed up my copious notes in Google Docs.


They’re not an accurate transcript but help me to recall the details of what I heard and learned.  Although I’m an ACRL member, I spent a lot of time in RUSA & LLAMA sessions this conference.   I began with a pre-conference on Marketing which dove-tailed nicely with the presentation by Lee Rainee, Director of Pew Research.   What do the users want from us?  How do we market ourselves to them?  Who are our users?  We should be places where creation can happen and we should make emotional connections.  Additionally, I like to attend sessions of copyright, intellectual freedom, academic freedom and privacy.   Certainly, given the NSA leaks by Snowden, the issue of privacy was discussed.   Librarians are good citizens:  we help citizens understand their world and their government, are places to discuss it, and speak out ourselves.  So, we’re ready for the next year as educators, facilitators, and watchdogs.