Greenwald’s Meet The Press incident shows why “bloggers vs. journalists” still matters

Communications &Legal Studies Librarian:

Greenwald is not a mere journalist — he should be a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist — he is an Izzy Award Winner!  Izzy is smiling down upon Glenn.

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Anyone who has been following online media for more than a few years probably remembers the heated debates that swept through the blogosphere over whether bloggers should be considered journalists — a furor that died down somewhat once traditional journalists started blogging, and some blog networks became media entities in their own right.

There is an important issue at the heart of this question, however, which Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian has helped to highlight as he pursues the NSA story: namely, that denying someone the status of “journalist” has potentially serious implications when espionage and other charges are being waved around.

This past weekend, Greenwald appeared on the NBC show Meet The Press, where host David Gregory peppered him with questions about the story and his role in it — and many of these questions appeared to be aimed at the idea that the Guardian writer was more…

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