Library: Acquisitions and News, May 2013

Hope everyone had a great semester.  Stop by to say hello if you’re in the library. — Cathy

Attached is a list of titles ordered and received from 6/1/12 to present.

NEW ACQUITIONS FY 12-13 FINAL (open in Excel)

These are titles that have been ordered on the following funds: culture & communication, video funds, journalism, legal studies, IMC, CMD & TVR.  Please be sure to check the catalog for location and status (to see if it is not checked out).  New Books might be on the new books shelf as you enter the library, in the stacks, checked out, or at the binders.

FY 2013-2014 ORDERS
Recommend a book or video purchase by emailing me.   Here is a list of potential titles for purchase;  I can create one on a particular subject for you, too.   Remember that our collection development policy stipulates that we do not purchase core texts assigned for classes.  Also, many more books are available in digital format; let me know if you prefer an e-book format. If you’ve published a book or chapter I would be interested in purchasing it for our collection.  Funds will be available the week of June 1st.

New book titles (in general) can be browsed on the BOOKS tab of the  library’s homepage; you can also browse new films under the FILM tab. Try the RSS for CommunicationsBusiness or Law.

Serial subscription changes:

Serials added:

Serials withdrawn:
These were older runs of trade / alert publications that were not indexed in our databases:

  • PR Reporter , Tips & Tactics
  • Privacy Times

Note:  Subscriptions can be purchased by:  dropping other subscriptions or using departmental library book funds.  If the money is removed from book funds, the book allotment is permanently reduced by the subscription amount.

ICSM Fall 2013
If you’re teaching an Ithaca Seminar, Fall 2013, I would like the opportunity to present library basic skills to the first year students based on an online library research guide you can link to in Sakai.

Thanks for referring students to me for Research Consultations!  This was a pleasantly busy Spring for consultations.   I’m always open to visiting classes this Summer or Fall.  Let me know if you’d like a library research guide designed for your class or event.

PROF SINCLAIR RECOMMENDS  — library lists of  videos for your students
Prof. Sinclair encourages his classes to watch library videos.   I’ve created a list in order of director to help students explore particular directors.  Many of these are international classics.  Take a look:  Prof. Sinclair Recommends (I’m still adding to it!).   I’m happy to create a video list catered for your class, too.   Using the social media app Pinboard, I can create a separate library page or insert an RSS of videos on a research guide.

Lis Chabot, Library Director, presented us with a e-book usage study.  Overall, e-book use is increasing. Some high use titles include:

I have additional data such as the number of pages viewed in particular subject areas.  I can say that the following subjects were well viewed: Animation, Film & Video (Direction and Production), and Film & Video (History & Criticism).  Law’s greatest access was in: Juvenile Offenders, Forensic Science, Gender & the Law, General (the greatest number of pages viewed),  Media Law, Medical Law, Mental Health, and Trial Practice; there was a nice spread across all areas of law.


  • Biography in Context database will be cancelled do to an over 10% price hike.  I’ll refer students to LexisNexis (“Research People” module) or Current Biography (it is a print serial in our Reference collection that is indexed in EBSCO).
  • Marquis Who’s Who.  The stand-alone interface will be cancelled as the content is in LexisNexis Academic.
  • MRI+ Teenmark data has stopped — meaning there is no new data going forward — but old Teenmark studies are still accessible
  • LexisNexis:  You can now upload data into a DropBox account (you need to have a DropBox subscription).
  • (World News Digest) will be relaunched this summer
  • Ebrary will be adding 2,000 front-list titles from John Wiley & Sons to Academic Complete over the next few months.  Duke University Press titles will be leaving Academic Complete for another platform; if we made a direct purchase of a DUP title, it will remain on the ebrary platform.
  • LION with MLA subscription will be changed to MLA International Bibliography (ProQuest platform) when our current subscription ends on July 31, 2013.   We had issues with the functionality of the LION interface (very glitchy).
  • ProjectMUSE will be transitioned to the HighWire Open Platform
  • The Electronic Journal Library has been removed from our Journal Title search as the content frequently changes and causes false results.  You can still search this resource by going to the letter “E” on the library’s database list.
  • The Ithaca Journal online can be accessed to anyone who has a Tompkins County Public Library card.  Any resident of Tompkins County is eligible to receive a card.
  • ProQuest Research Library search now includes the subset databases for: Education, Health Management, Psychology, and Social Science journals
  • ebrary DASH! We now have a separate URL for our DASH! collections.  The library is moving to a “born digital” thesis project.  5/14/13  I just found out about a new library guide on Theses and Dissertations that includes instructions for uploading thesis and preparation instructions.
  • On their website, ERIC is providing a list of restored PDFs requested by ERIC users.  They had removed a lot of documents from the database due to an issue with privacy.  Our library has a microfiche collection (1978-2000) and can fulfill requests from that until documents are restored.
  • Google Scholar  Full-Text @ IC Library link now appearing to users connected to MyResNet (for students).  Anyone can manually add the “Full-text @ IC Library” link by going to Google Scholar,  click on Settings (upper right), choose Library Links (left menu),  search Ithaca College,  checking the box, and saving.

Hopefully the library Course Reserve System in Sakai worked well for you this semester.  You can send any feedback to me and I’ll share it with our Access Services.  For questions on placing items on reserve through Sakai, please contact for print items, or for digital audio/video items.

I’ll be on vacation the week of May 28th to June 5th.  I’ll be at the American Library Association conference from June 27th to  July 1st; I’m particularly excited to hear Susan Crawford speak.  Other than that, I’ll be in the library.  You can check to see when the library is open in the summer by using our calendar.   If you need help while I’m away, try our Ask a Librarian page.

Enjoy your Summer!