Librarian Review: Why I bought a Nook HD+ — & you could consider it for a mere $200 this week

My mother raved about the iPad my older brother purchased her for Christmas; my younger brother bought one, too.  Then, my best friend was in the market for a tablet and I followed him from Staples, to Best Buy to Barnes & Noble.  I was impressed by the screen quality and the price of the Nook.  Also, I don’t need the camera or communication features that are aspects of the iPad.  Well, B&N now updated the Nook to include Google Play; mine updated itself.   Over the weekend I downloaded the Google Music Manager and accessed my tunes.   I also bought my first game: The Room.  And I was even able to download that Papa John’s app.  This week B&N is running a deal through Mother’s Day.  You can get the HD+ 32 GB for $209.   My friend played with my Nook since the Google Play update and liked the tablet better than before; he is considering purchasing one.   If you collect points from Best Buy, as he does, you can get the HD+ 32GB for $200 and get a nice coupon from Best Buy.  Believe me, that is an awesome deal — wish I would have waited for it!  It would make a nice present for your mom or for a recent grad.   Compare the specs to Apple and read the other reviews in Best Buy.