Maynard Institute: Entrepreneurial Journalism with Mark Trahant

The Maynard Institute is offering an inexpensive webinar this Friday, April 26th, from 11 to noon PDT (think that is 2ish EST).  Register here:

Here are the event details from the site:

Mark Trahant says he didn’t leave daily journalism, it left him.

The former editorial page editor was laid off when the Seattle Post Intelligencer folded its print edition in favor of a scaled-down online version.

With no traditional jobs in sight, Trahant forged ahead in a career that combined his passion for news, history and social media.

He has succeeded in building a thriving, multi-layered enterprise and has reached income near parity with his old job.

During this interactive webinar he lays out some guidelines for creating your path and gives the nuts and bolts about how to structure your work and find new sources of income.

He’ll discuss: His business plan; His pricing strategies; How to find partners and business opportunities