Ithaka’s 2006 study & the library gateway

There is a lot of buzz about the new Ithaka research study and what it says about faculty perceptions and usage of the library (particularly regarding e-resources and information archiving and access). From the Conclusion (p. 33):

The period of transition poses serious questions about the future roles of the library. Information–the historic province of the library — it the focus of more attention than ever before, and yet the profile and relevance of the library is in decline. There are a number of possible futures for the academic library, and strategic thought and change is needed to ensure that we move into a world in which the library continues to play an important role in the intellectual life of the campus.

News is dead, libraries are dead, G** is dead, and video killed the radio star. Of course things change, of course we plan, study, re-evaluate, and adapt (open access, embedded course content, new media like social tags and blogs, IT collaboration, etc.). The Ithaka report is supposed to provide the research to strategically plan at a zippier speed.

Here is the report: Ithaka: Ithaka’s 2006 Studies of Key Stakeholders in the Digital Transformation in Higher Education by Ross Houseright and Roger Schonfeld, 8/18/08.

Response from Steven Bell: ACRLog, “The Question They Forgot to Ask,” by Steven Bell, 8/22/08.

Educause: “Strategic Impacts of New Technologies on Higher Ed.,” with R. Schonfeld, Manager of Research, Ithaka, 8/22/08. ***You can watch the session archive & access the PowerPoint slides — watch/listen to the webinar — it is a helpful overview

Library Journal Academic Newswire, 8/28/08, “Ithaka Survey Reports Rising ‘Ambivalence’ to campus libraries” & “Downside to Digital Success? Ithaka Report suggests Library’s online resources may obscure its value

“Scholars’ View of Libraries as Portals Shows Marked Decline,” By Jennifer Howard, The Chronicle, 8/26/08. (Currently available to subscribers)

Data was kindly posted on ICPSR by Ithaka.