LibraryJournal: AP versus the Drudge Retort

LJ Academic Newswire, June 24, 2008, “Napster-Like Battle? AP Seeks to Limit Bloggers’ Use of Its Content”

Very interesting. The AP demanded that the Drudge Retort remove its content; it asserted that the amount of text used was not fair use. AP came to an agreement with publisher Cadenhead. Consequently, AP plans to create guidelines for bloggers using its content. EFF and Stanford Fair Use Project offered Cadenhead assistance. Cadenhead would like bloggers to create their own guidelines….

LJ picked this story up from the New York Times, 6/16/08, by Saul Hansell, “The Associated Press to Set Guidelines for Using Articles in Blogs.

Seth Sutel wrote for the AP, 6/20/08, “AP, blogger resolve dispute over copyright.”

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