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Local Newsrooms As Participatory Journalism Labs. by Josh Stearns

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From: Bill Madigan, LexisNexis:

The LexisNexis Product Team is happy to announce the release of two new search forms and several enhancements to the existing search forms.  These enhancements are now live on Academic (as of August 11th).  These enhancements build on the interface refresh that we released at the end of 2013 and incorporate and implement suggestions that we received from our user community.

Briefly, this release features:

  1. Advanced Options:
  • Date year drop down expanded to 30 years
  • Additional options for restricting by date:  date is today, previous week, previous year, etc.
  • Ability to select more than one source using the Source word wheel
  • Ability to add relevancy threshold to Index Terms search
  1. All News form:
  • Addition of U.S. Newspapers and Business and Industry News checkboxes
  • Addition of search with Index Terms (all three news forms)
  1. Redesigned ”’Landmark Cases”’
  2. New Search Forms:  ”’Tax Law”’ and ”’Accounting”’
  3. New “All” option in searching state statutes and regulations – search across all statutory and regulatory content from a particular state or a combination of states

For a more detailed look at the new enhancements, including annotated screenshots, please visit:  http://wiki.lexisnexis.com/academic/index.php?title=August_11,_2014_Enhancement_Release

We have also taken this opportunity to update and expand our Searching on LexisNexis Academic guide:  http://wiki.lexisnexis.com/academic/index.php?title=Searching_LexisNexis_Academic

Thank you,


Bill Madigan

Global Product Planner, Academic

Business Information Solutions


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From Benton:

Planning a communications-related course for the Fall? See how Headlines can help in the classroomhttp://benton.org/headlines/classroom


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Nothing to do today? Read the Open Internet comments on the FCC website: http://www.fcc.gov/files/ecfs/14-28/ecfs-files.htm

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Keep a reporter out of jail, for all of our sakes. Take Action with @Roots_Action http://t.co/xGuLnRpuRt

— Catherine Michael (@ICComLib) August 7, 2014

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