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Interesting analysis — while we all await the proposed rule…

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With its latest plan to twist the concept of network neutrality into something that appears to be the opposite of neutral, the Federal Communications Commission has revealed that it believes the public can’t understand the issues — or that it is so in thrall of the companies it regulates that it doesn’t care what ordinary people think.

The FCC’s plans for implementing network neutrality came to light Wednesday in a Wall Street Journal article. The plans took the hallmark of network neutrality — the notion that ISP shouldn’t discriminate between the traffic flowing over their networks — and turned it on its head. Under the proposed framework for so-called net neutrality, the FCC does away with the concept of non discrimination and instead offers up a new standard designed to prohibit “commercially unreasonable” practices.

Is this the pay-to-play internet model?

Tom Wheeler, pictured standing to the right of the president.

Tom Wheeler, pictured standing to the right of the president.

Most net neutrality advocates have understood the…

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Dining services will be giving away complimentary sandwich and coffee samples today (Tuesday April 22) from 11: 30 am – 1:30 pm near the café.

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Hear all about it on Ithaca Now!

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Mayor Svante Myrick went up against the Cornell Forensics Society to defend the legalization of marijuana, during a debate entitled, “This House Would Legalize Marijuana.” Here is ICB’s Kelli Kyle with the story.  

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Om writes, “My definition of media? ‘Anything which owns attention.’”

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A few days back my friend Pip Coburn, who runs an investment advisory service, and his colleague Brynne Thompson asked me to discuss what I have learned about media after spending nearly 12 years on Gigaom, pretty much most of my working life in various aspects of media, and two decades on the internet. It turned out to be a fun conversation that was shared by Pip and Brynne with their carefully curated email list of friends and clients. After going over it, I thought, why not create an abbreviated version and share it online?

Media is not publishing alone

My definition of media? “Anything which owns attention.” This could be a game, or perhaps a platform. Ironically, the media tends to associate media with publishing — digital or otherwise — which in turn is too narrow a way to consider not only the media but also the reality of…

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